Presentation of ICAO GIS creation and hosting


COST for a GIS services in the ICAO Cloud





ICAO has an extensive experience with interactive GIS (Geographic Information System) data visualization services. Starting from 2002, first with ArcIMS 1.0 and now with ArcGIS server 10.2, we have been providing map creation and information technology (IT) services using advanced hardware resources like the ArcGIS Server configured on a Microsoft SQL Server Express platform and an enterprise geo-database configured on Microsoft SQL Server Standard in the ICAO cloud - the latter two running in Windows 2008 R2.


We would like to invite you to reduce your local infrastructure costs by using our resources and GIS expert experience


To see an example of a GIS deployment: Go to




The first step to have your GIS service is to secure a domain name server (DNS). A standard agreement can be found for 3 years, and you have a lot of choices from different providers to reserve your DNS. The average price for 3 years is $ 169.


The complexity of your services can also vary depending on your needs and data points – either small or medium.


Then, you would need to select the corresponding template for your Interactive Map services. We will discuss and work together to help you select the best interface for your needs and for your enterprise. We have a lot of templates to choose from, and in different web applications such as JavaScript, Flash, and Silverlight




1.      First, we will create your map using your data in ArcGIS 10.2, and then deploy the Interactive GIS services in the ICAO cloud.

2.      After, we will use the Web application you selected - JavaScript, Flash, or Silverlight, and then arrange and modify the map as you desire (special tools, many features).

3.      Next, we will incorporate some Interactive GIS services in your selected Web application, based on your preferences and needs.

4.      We would also conduct Internal Quality control and testing for all the features of your GIS service, such as speed, functionalities, etc.

5.      Lastly, we will publish to an external site using ArcGIS server 10.2, and then transfer the site to your website by embedding the functionalities.




The creation of a map and GIS Service costs at least $2500 for one week (depending on the complexity)


ICAO cloud GIS the estimated cost per month for one instance
would be $150 for small size (more details to come)


ICAO cloud GIS the estimated cost per month for one instance

would be $280 for medium size (more detail to come)





GIS services with Web application in JavaScript API: Busiest Aerodrome



GIS services with Web application in JavaScript API: Other ICAO mission report:

GIS services with Web application in Silverlight API: Organisation IFATCA


GIS services with Web application in Silverlight API: Global traffic flow


GIS services with Web application in Flash API: ICARD5LNC database




Code to copy for EMBED WGS84 ICAO SERVICES in you web page

<iframe width="940" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",-20.4043,64.2814,76.8563&displayslider=true&displayscalebar=true&displaylegend=true&displaydetails=true&displaysearch=true&displaybasemaps=true"></iframe><br /><small><a href=",-20.4043,64.2814,76.8563" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left" target="_blank">View Larger Map</a></small>  


Or Zoom to your attribute from this code: URL parameters


Super link to zoom to the state to incorporate to your site example LPR web service:" & "center=" & UTMLONG & "," & UTMLAT & "&" & "scale="&8550000



For any questions or for a cost estimate, contact:

Gilber Lasnier, ICAO SAST