To select the corresponding ANP, move your mouse over the ANP NAME and then move to the right, because these popups are very sensitive.


  To access to the GIS Editing Secure Site; you need to log the same way then the ICAO SECURE PORTAL

                                                 ICAO GIS SITE - for authorised users

Note: We create soon a tutorial to help you to work with the GIS Editing Site services

Note: All the Editing will be graphical with selection for the new, delete or modified attribut

TUTORIAL SOON Instructions for a complete EDITING of the status on each map services from your desktop:

1) You must find in the SERVICES the menu: Editing tool

2) You click on this tool, you wait until the server charge the layer to EDIT

3) You selet the entity to EDIT (Polygon State, Polygon FIR, Point Aerodrome, line Route or other shape...

4) You select in a drop box the ATTRIBUT following the STATUS of the FIELD example: FIELD COUNTRY WGS84 the choice are Compliant, Partialy Compliant, Not compliant, Unknow, fill the other fields as your convineance

* GIS Note about the Update data in ANPs:

The data on the GIS Map ( web site) is not 100% identical to the data in pdf version. The process to update the Map is faster than the process to update the pdf versions.

Any questions?