If you don't see the left Menu: click on the LOOK Securite DISABLE PROTECTION for now; To select the corresponding ANP, move your mouse over the ANP NAME and then move to the right, because these popups are very sensitive.

  Instruction: Just click and save BASIC (PDF) , FASID (PDF) ANPs

* ANPs Proposals for Amendment (PfA) Click on the arrow at the right on the ANP column and select the ANPs you want:

* Example: There was an amendment sent and approved by the end of last year, please see related files attached as well as the Secretariat link (http://secretariat.icao.lan/anb/ANPs/Lists/ANP%20Amendments/AllItems.aspx) were these files were uploaded: * GIS Note about the Update data in ANPs: The data on the GIS Map (gis.icao.int web site) is not 100% identical to the data in pdf version. The process to update the Map is faster than the process to update the pdf versions. Any questions?    glasnier@icao.int